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A Plumber In Market Harborough

There are several, very obvious, times when you might need a plumber in Market Harborough – and some which are not quite so apparent. 

Whatever the reason, putting that call off is the worst thing you can do, so here are just some of the times to call a local plumber when you need one in a hurry. 

First, there are the most disturbing ones: 

  • Burst pipes
  • Blocked/ overflowing toilet 
  • Unstoppable leaks 
  • No heating or hot water
  • Gas leak

These are the emergency plumbing problems which you will doubtless want to stop in a hurry – either because they’re very dangerous, or causing a lot of damage. You’ll need to know that your Market Harborough plumber can get to you quickly and effectively stop the problem from getting worse. 

Remember, if there is an unstoppable escape of water, it’s also a good idea to turn the water off. The stop valve will be located where the water supply enters your home – this is normally under the kitchen sink in most houses. Simply turn the valve clockwise to stop the water. 


Less Obvious Reasons To Call A Plumber 

Other, seemingly less obvious, reasons why you might need a plumber callout in Market Harborough quickly could include the following: 

  • Boiler making unusual noises 
  • Slow draining bath or shower 
  • Leaky pipes or taps 
  • Water collecting in areas where it shouldn’t
  • Water won’t stay hot for long
  • Toilet won’t flush
  • Running toilet 
  • Gas Safety Check required for rental property

The thing is, seemingly small plumbing issues have a habit of getting worse and can end up costing you a fortune. Standing water, for example, can lead to mould, which is not only unsightly and smelly, but it can also be damaging to health. A small leak can, over time, lead to damage to the area affected by the water… and the list goes on. 

Without a doubt, calling out your Market Harborough plumber straight away will save you money in the long term, because, if the problem is left, it can get a lot worse, and/or cause more damage – which means it’s going to cost more to fix.


Market Harborough Plumber You Can Trust 

If you need a plumber who is honest, reliable and on time, then there are several ways to go about finding one. 

Firstly, word of mouth recommendations from friends and family are always a bonus. In the absence of these, then look to the online reviews. At Taylor Pickering, for example, the vast majority of our clients have rated us as 10 out of 10 on Checkatrade. 

You’ll also need to know that your plumber is registered with all the relevant bodies, which make them safe to work in your home. Always ask if your plumber is Gas Safe registered to ensure they can carry out work on any gas appliances, not only safely, but legally.


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If you need a plumber in Market Harborough, schedule a call back today from a member of our team. We carry out all sizes of plumbing jobs, big and small and would be happy to provide you with a free, no obligation quote for the plumbing work you need done. We also offer a 24-hour emergency callout service, when time is of the essence. 

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