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Boiler Repair Loughborough – Book Your Boiler Check Up

In the summer months, your boiler might be furthest from your mind, but, when it breaks down in the depths of winter, chances are, you’ll be looking for boiler repair in Loughborough in a hurry.

If the thought of being left in the cold by your boiler fills you with dread, then the best way to stop it from happening is by having a boiler check up and service once a year. 

This way, you’ll give yourself every chance of avoiding the disaster of a broken boiler, which can leave you without heating and hot water and in urgent need of an emergency plumber. 


Reasons to get your boiler checked

Getting it checked in the summer months, before it breaks, will not only give you peace of mind for when the colder months arrive, it will also save you on cost, because a boiler check can identify any problems before they get worse and more costly. In addition, a boiler check can save you money on energy bills if your boiler isn’t working as efficiently as it could be. 

If you’re a landlord, getting your boiler, gas appliances and flues checked annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer is also a legal requirement. Landlords are required to update their Gas Safety Certificate once a year.

If you’re considering booking a boiler check, then the summer is without doubt the best time to book it for the following reasons: 

  • Plumbers are less busy at this time of year, so you can get it done at the most convenient time
  • Make sure you’re all set for the colder months 
  • Your boiler problems will feel like less of an emergency
  • You won’t notice any boiler down time, because you’re relying on it less 
  • Get the peace of mind that your family is safe, with any hazards spotted well in time


Book your Loughborough boiler repair

If you’re wondering if we offer boiler check ups in Loughborough, then the answer is yes! 

The types of service Taylor Pickering provides across Loughborough include gas boiler services which are carried out by our Gas Safe registered engineers. 

Our experienced engineers will not only conduct a series of checks for leaks and other issues, but we can carry out the necessary repairs, as and when they’re needed. Should a new boiler be the best option, we can also provide boiler installation by the leading brands at the best prices. We’ll ensure that you can rest easy knowing that your new system will be safe and reliable for years to come.

Additionally, our efficient and reliable Loughborough plumbers take pride in being clean and tidy, so we promise to leave your home exactly as we found it.

If you’re concerned that you might be experiencing a few problems with your boiler come the winter, then now is the time to book your boiler check by getting in touch for your FREE quote today. 


Schedule a call back today

When you contact a member of our team about your boiler repair in Loughborough, you will benefit from a no nonsense, hassle free, no obligation quote for the work required. 

Make the most of a plumbing firm which comes highly recommended by the vast majority of our customers, schedule a callback today.