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What Happens During A Boiler Service

Having a regular boiler service is an essential way to ensure you get the longest lifespan out of your boiler. It also means that any problems can be spotted before they become bigger, more costly ones, and that your boiler is running to the maximum levels of efficiency, safety and economy. 

A boiler service should be carried out once a year, as failing to maintain it regularly can lead to very dangerous issues, such as a killer carbon monoxide leak. A regular boiler service may also be a condition of keeping your warranty valid. 

What does a heating engineer do during a boiler service?

So what happens during a boiler service that makes it so vital?

Firstly, it’s hugely important to note that anyone who carries out a gas boiler service or any other work on gas appliances in your home, should always be Gas Safe registered. It is illegal for anyone who isn’t on the Gas Safe register to carry out a boiler service and this is in order to ensure public safety. If you have an oil boiler, the boiler service should only be carried out by an OFTEC engineer.

When a member of our team undertakes a boiler service, our Gas Safe registered engineers will service the boiler as per the manufacturer’s requirements. This would usually begin with an initial visual inspection of the boiler to ensure all looks as it should. They will also fire it up to check for any faults while it is running. Checks will include the following: 

  • Boiler controls
  • Gas pressure check
  • Test for obstructions in the flue 
  • Remove boiler case to check internal main components – such as heat exchanger, burner and main injector
  • Electrical connections 
  • Seals and pipework

After checks have been made and any corrosion or leaks identified, the engineer will also clean the boiler parts as required. 

The boiler service should take around 30 minutes and the best time of year to get your boiler service is during the summer months.  This is the time when you rely on your boiler less and will give you reassurance that when you fire it up in the colder winter months everything should be running smoothly. In addition, the summer months are when boiler engineers are less busy, so there’s more chance of getting a boiler service in at a time which suits you best.

After the boiler service has been completed, the heating engineer will provide you with a service report which outlines all of the work that has been done. They should also answer any questions you might have. 

Is it time for a boiler service? Give us a call! 

While a boiler service may first appear to be an additional cost that you just don’t need, remember, it can save you massively on costly repairs and replacements in the future. 

If you’re due a boiler service, or are concerned there might be a problem with your boiler, get in touch with our team of experienced engineers to book an appointment today.