Best Oil Boiler

Best Oil Boiler Guide

Oil boilers are used in around 16% of all UK households – that’s approximately 4 million homes.
You might find an oil boiler for example, in those residences which don’t have access to a gas supply – so, instead, the homeowners may have to rely on oil to heat their homes.

The demand for oil boilers in the absence of a gas supply, doesn’t mean that oil boilers don’t come with their own advantages, however. There are definitely some plus points to owning an oil boiler, including energy efficiency – because water is heated on demand – and oil boilers have significantly lower running costs than electric boilers.

There is, of course, the consideration that your hot water might take longer to heat up, because it’s done on demand, but, if you’re in no particular hurry, this isn’t such a problem.

However, it’s also important to bear in mind, that there is no running supply of oil to your home (unlike the gas supply), so this oil supply will have to be located on your premises and will need to be topped up once or twice a year. Because of this, it’s worth considering that, thanks to the shortages, prices for oil are on the rise.

Like with all boilers, we recommend that oil boilers have annual maintenance checks and it’s worth bearing in mind that, with oil resources dwindling, there may come a time when they are no longer used at all. But, if you need an oil boiler for your home, it’s a good idea to research which are the best oil boilers to have installed.

Which Oil Boiler To Buy

Oil boilers come in three types – combi, conventional and system boilers. They work in a similar way to other boilers which rely on fuel, in that the fuel is set alight, which in turn warms the water through a heat exchanger.

At Taylor Pickering, we work with the very best boiler brands around for gas boilers, electric boilers and oil boilers, so we know which ones are most likely to have the best warranty, be energy and cost efficient, while being the least likely to let you down.

When sifting through the many oil boiler brands that there are on the market, here is our list of the top three manufacturers on the list when you are looking for the best oil boiler brands:

  • Worcester Bosch
  • Grant
  • Warmflow

Oil boilers from these companies, while potentially more expensive than the lesser brands, come with some great guarantees of reliability, thanks to their excellent warranties and market leading innovation, which means they’re highly unlikely to let you down.

It’s always worth considering, that, whether you have an oil boiler, gas boiler or an electric boiler, having them regularly maintained, repaired and serviced by a professional, qualified engineer, will not only ensure the safety of your home appliances, but will save on cost and convenience too.

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