Powerflushing Oadby

When it comes to powerflushing Oadby plumbers Taylor Pickering are always on hand to help, but have you ever wondered why you might need it?

Having a central heating system which isn’t working to its full capacity can not only cause misery for the whole family when the heating and hot water is in short supply. It also means wasting lots more energy too, as the boiler works harder to heat your home, which in turn will end up costing you more.

The central heating system may not be working properly because a sludge build up in your system has caused a leak, blocked pipes, or cold spots to appear in your radiators. In more extreme cases a clogged boiler and pump can lead to the boiler completely breaking down altogether and needing repair, or worst case, to be replaced.

Sludge build up is the term used for when the water in the pipes creates rust, which, when combined with dirty water and debris becomes a thick mud or sludge-like substance. As we know, this sludge is what can lead to central heating problems, so a powerflush is the cleaning process which helps clear the system, enabling it to run smoothly once more.

Why your Oadby central heating system needs a powerflush

When our plumbers carry out powerflushing in Oadby and other parts of Leicestershire, we use a special chemical process which ensures the boiler, pipes and radiators are thoroughly cleaned out. The dirty, sludgy water is then replaced with clean water, leaving the heating system to run good as new.

If you keep your central heating system regularly maintained and serviced and have repairs carried out as soon as they arise, then a powerflush should only be necessary every few years, as part of a preventative measure to ensure build ups don’t get so bad that costly problems occur.

Bear in mind the sludge build up can take a different amount of time to get to a problematic level, depending on the type of boiler you have, so it’s always worth getting advice from a professional heating engineer.

When considering powerflushing Oadby residents can be reassured of the following benefits:

● A home that heats up faster
● A boiler that is well looked after
● Improved efficiency in the central heating system
● Less energy waste, so kinder on the environment
● Less energy waste means lower utility bill costs
● Reduces wear and tear on your central heating system

Book your Oadby powerflush today

If your central heating system is struggling and you’ve kept up to date on necessary maintenance, such as bleeding your radiators regularly, it might be that you need a powerflush and the summer months are the perfect time to get it done. After all, it’s not worth waiting until winter and running the risk of no heating and hot water then.

If you’re an Oadby homeowner, look out for tell tale signs that you need a powerflush, such as discoloured water when you bleed the radiators, or no water escapes, there is excessive boiler or radiator noise, or cold radiators when the heating is on.

If any of these problems occur, it’s important to get in touch with a professional heating and plumbing engineer to help diagnose the issue. For further help and advice, or to book an appointment, get in touch with a member of our friendly team today.