Plumber Call Out - What To Expect

Plumber Call Out – What To Expect

If you find yourself needing a plumber call out, what should you expect, especially during these uncertain times of the COVID19 pandemic?

It’s certainly been a trying year, with the new normal meaning the need for social distancing and extra care around handwashing and cleanliness. As such, you may feel worried about letting someone into your home on a plumber call out. But, when a plumbing emergency happens, such as a broken boiler, burst pipe, flooding or gas leak, it’s vital that you get the problem sorted before it gets worse, or more dangerous – and a lot more costly to fix. 

Thankfully, at Taylor Pickering, we’ve put measures in place to give you the peace of mind and reassurance that you need.


Your plumber call out

A plumber call out means that one of our highly qualified, Gas Safe registered heating and plumbing engineers can come out to fix your problem as soon as possible. 

We’ll begin by assessing what the problem is via a FREE video inspection and chat. This will minimise the time we need to spend in your home and give us the chance to provide you with a quote for the repairs. 

We will give you an idea of when we will be able to conduct your plumber call out and once you have accepted our quote, our engineer will call you 15 minutes before we arrive, so that you can prepare the area to ensure social distancing can be observed.

The plumber will also come equipped with the following COVID19 protective wear: 

  • protective and disposable overalls 
  • masks
  • gloves 
  • shoe covers

They’ll clean every surface that has been touched with industrial-strength alcohol wipes and then, once the job is completely finished, will call you from the safe distance of the van to tell you what has been done and what you need to know. 

This will allow your plumbing call out to take place in the safest and most socially distanced way, with the wellbeing of you and your family remaining our highest priority.


Don’t be tempted by DIY  

If you’re feeling nervous about having a tradesperson in your home, then you may well be tempted to try and get the job done yourself. 

This might be fine for something straightforward, such as repressurising your boiler, or unblocking a plughole, but, when the matter is more serious and complex, then a plumber call out is what you need. Without expert help – especially with gas appliances – you run the risk of not only damaging your home further, but causing danger to you and your family. 


Choose your plumber sensibly

It’s vital that you get the right person for the job when calling in someone for a plumber call out. Always expect the following to ensure the job they do will not only be to the highest standard, but will also leave your appliances safe and working properly: 

  • Professionalism
  • Reliability and good timekeeping
  • Cleanliness
  • Qualifications (including being Gas Safe registered)
  • Plenty of experience
  • Excellent reviews from past customers
  • Ability to carry out a variety of tasks and spot potential problems
  • Give accurate estimates


Schedule a Callback

When you need a plumber in a hurry, get in touch with a member of our team for a free no-obligation quote for a plumber call out. Book your appointment online and schedule a callback from us today