Commercial Plumbers in Leicester - Get the best for your business

Commercial Plumbers in Leicester – Get the best for your business

When it comes to plumbing, there are two very different areas to cover – commercial and domestic – so, if you need commercial plumbers in Leicester, what should you look out for? 

There are some fairly big differences between the two. The amount of work required and even the type of plumbing work is often very different. 

What’s The Difference? 

If you’re wondering what commercial plumbers are, then picture the difference between a home, which might have two or three bathrooms, and a large business which must provide facilities for staff members that number into the hundreds or even thousands. When facilities fail in a company, whether it’s down to a broken heating system or toilets which are out of order, this can lead to considerable business downtime and therefore high cost to the business owner. 

As such, a commercial plumber might be needed more urgently than a domestic household, which could potentially use another bathroom for a few days. While the plumbing problems may well be similar in nature, commercial plumbers in Leicester need to be able to carry out work on a much larger scale and be available at short notice. 

It’s also worth bearing in mind that commercial plumbers might be called out more regularly to a business, because, going back to staff numbers again, the facilities are used more regularly and therefore likely to break down sooner. Because of this, the pipework and facilities will need to be more durable than in a household – as will the heating system. The heating system will also 

need servicing more regularly by a commercial plumber who has experience of dealing with larger systems. Specific Health and Safety laws which relate to businesses and landlords must also be adhered to. 

Staying Safe 

With regard to the current situation with COVID-19, just as we put safety measures in place for domestic households, customer safety comes first in commercial premises too. That means that, when working inside Leicester businesses and organisations, our commercial plumbers will adhere to the following practices: 

  • Assessing what the problem is via a FREE video inspection and chat  
  • Wearing PPE including protective overalls, masks, gloves and shoe coverings
  • Cleaning every surface that they touch with industrial strength wipes 
  • Maintaining 2m social distancing at all times 
  • Practising regular handwashing 
  • Call business owners or managers from the van to tell them what work has been done and what they need to know

While most people are still working from home, we understand that there are situations where this might not be possible, that’s why we take every step to ensure workers feel safe and protected in their work environment when our commercial plumbers visit. 

It’s this consideration for safety and a friendly attitude, teamed with a vast knowledge of commercial plumbing and registration with all the relevant plumbing bodies, that’s the reason why we are the plumbers for you. If you need a commercial plumber in Leicester, feel free to get in touch. 

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