Business Plumber – A Guide For Businesses

Plumbing services for businesses and residential properties can be very different – so, when you need a business plumber, here’s how the service might differ from that which you might receive in your home. 

For starters, plumbing for a business is different because the size of the premises is normally much larger. The plumbing problems which businesses encounter, such as blocked toilets and burst pipes, might be the same as in residential homes, but they will be on a much bigger scale, happen more often and normally affect more people.

As a result of this greater need, a business plumber may be required to visit the business much more regularly. Where a residential plumber might visit a home only once a year, a commercial plumber could be called out to a business, or used by a landlord with multiple properties, several times a year or more. 


Differences Between Commercial And Residential Plumbing

In addition to there being lots more appliances that could potentially go wrong, there are normally much larger heating systems involved with a business which are required to provide a consistent temperature for a much greater area. The facilities are used much more regularly, by more people, which means the chance of problems occurring sooner is much more likely. Pipework is in constant use, therefore it will need to be more durable than that which you might find in a home and maintained more regularly – as will the heating system. The servicing required will be much more extensive, in order to keep the many appliances running efficiently and reliably, too. 

It’s for these reasons why having an experienced and reliable business plumber, who knows exactly what they are doing, is so vital. 

There are also other factors which make commercial plumbing very different from plumbing in the home. These include the following: 

  • The potential for damage is larger and more costly because the work is on a larger scale
  • Health and Safety laws for businesses and landlords must be adhered to
  • Commercial plumbing is often more complicated and complex than in a residential home – because it’s on a larger scale
  • Plumbing problems must be fixed as fast as possible to prevent business downtime 
  • Commercial pipes, fixtures and fittings can be very different from ones used in residential properties 


Reliability And Experience Is Vital 

The greater complexities which surround business plumbing and the usually more urgent need for the work to be done, is why a reliable plumber is essential to your business. As mentioned above, having facilities which don’t work properly can cause problems and downtime for the workforce, whereas in the home, it might just be possible to use another bathroom when a toilet isn’t working properly, for example. Companies need to know that they can rely on a business plumber to do the work as soon as possible and get it done well – although, for a domestic plumber, this should also be the case.

Businesses can be reassured by the safe services we offer which take into account the current global pandemic. While all of our plumbers are registered by the necessary regulatory bodies and fully insured, we have also put practices in place which ensure social distancing and the highest levels of cleanliness is observed at all times. 


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