Getting A Boiler Replacement In Hinckley

Getting A Boiler Replacement In Hinckley

In the hottest months of the year, getting a boiler replacement in Hinckley might be the last thing on your mind. After all, the central heating is off, and even the thought of a cold shower can often be a welcome one, especially during a heatwave.

You might not have even noticed that your boiler is not working properly. But, when it comes time to switch your heating on again in a few months’ time, it might mean that you’re in for a nasty surprise.

Look for the signs

It could be that your boiler simply needs a service or a quick repair, but in some cases, complete replacement is the only option. And the last thing you want is to find that out in the winter when you need it most to heat your home.

How to know when you need a boiler replacement in Hinckley is by looking out for the signs that it might not be working efficiently. These might include the following:

● Loss of hot water
● Pilot light keeps going out
● Boiler keeps making strange noises
● Boiler pressure keeps dropping
● There are smoke marks on the boiler
● Radiators won’t heat up properly

While an emergency repair can often fix these problems, if your boiler is over ten years old, it could mean that boiler replacement is the more energy efficient and cost effective option. Older boilers tend to use more energy, which makes them not the greatest for the planet, or for the rising fuel costs.

If you think that boiler replacement in Hinckley is what you need, then the good news is that the summer is the best time to get your boiler replaced. It can be done when you’re using it the least and the work can be carried out at a time which is most convenient to you, because it feels like less of an emergency.

Boiler engineers also find themselves less caught up in plumbing emergencies at this time of year, so you’ll find that there’s not likely to be a long wait to get the work you need done.

What to expect from a boiler replacement

The whole process of your Hinckley boiler replacement should be made as quick and painless as possible. And to be sure that this will happen, it’s worth finding out what to expect and choosing a company which comes highly rated by customers who have used their services before.

Make sure to check that the person carrying out the job will do so efficiently and safely within the guidelines and ensure they leave no mess behind. It’s also a good idea on the day of your boiler replacement to check that someone is about to be shown how to use the new boiler controls after it has been fitted.

In addition to replacing your boiler, you should also expect to be given a Building Regulations Certificate and Benchmark Certification to prove compliance with Building Regulations and Gas Safe rules. This way you can get the reassurance that your new boiler is a safe one.

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