Boiler Service Market Harborough - What To Expect

Boiler Service Market Harborough – What To Expect

Are you considering whether or not you need a boiler service in Market Harborough? 

Perhaps the cold winter weather has left your boiler struggling a bit and you think it could do with some care and attention. Or, maybe you’re one of those people who understands the many benefits of getting your boiler serviced once a year and have realised it’s time to get one booked in. 

With fuel prices rising rapidly in the UK, having a well serviced boiler is more important than ever. It’s a fact that a boiler which is serviced annually will run the most efficiently and in turn this will mean you pay for less fuel. 

An unserviced boiler is costly and with us all dreading the huge hike in our energy bills, over the coming months, finding any way to keep the costs down has to be a bonus.


A serviced boiler is a reliable boiler

Not only is it costly to not have a boiler service on a regular basis, but, by not taking proper care of a boiler, you can make it unreliable. Therefore, another reason why you might book an annual boiler service in Market Harborough, is so that you can be sure it won’t let you down. 

Boilers drop in efficiency over time as debris builds up in the system – this can cause damage to the boiler and blockages which cause it to stop working altogether. When you’re relying on your boiler for heating and hot water, that’s the last thing that you need. 

Boilers need proper servicing in order to maintain their reliable function long term. Part of your boiler service will include a flush of the system that will remove any debris which has begun to build up. In addition, the boiler service will help to identify minor problems which could not only be wasting energy, but if left, could grow much worse and more costly over time, even leading to the need for boiler replacement

Safety is another reason why it’s so important to have a regular boiler service in Market Harborough. Gas appliances can be dangerous if not working properly, or if the person carrying out the work isn’t qualified and fully competent. Always check that any person who works on your boiler is Gas Safe registered. This is your guarantee that they will ensure your boiler is running safely.   


What to expect from your Market Harborough boiler service

The spring and summer months are the perfect time to get a boiler service booked in as it’s the time when you rely on your boiler less. Your boiler service should include the following: 

  • A pre-service check and fault analysis
  • Checks that the installation and positioning comply with building regulations, Gas Safe regulations & British standards
  • Removal of outer casing and inspection of main internal components (electrodes, fans etc)
  • Inspection of electrics, pipe work (water & gas), joints and flue
  • A gas rate test to ensure gas usage is correct
  • Gas flue analysis
  • Service certification paperwork


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