Boiler Replacement in Leicester

Need A Boiler Replacement in Leicester?

Are boiler repairs on the cards, or could it be that you need a boiler replacement in Leicester? Boilers are your best friend when it comes to offering heating and hot water that will keep you warm and comfortable in your home or business. 

But when they go wrong, then the cost to repair or replace your boiler can be considerable.  So how do you know what the best and most cost-effective solution is? 

When boilers become faulty, the pressure is dropping, or you’re noticing strange noises or leaks, it could be that a boiler repair is the best answer. But, if the damage is considerable and it’s going to cost a lot to fix, or if the boiler is particularly old and is only going to keep needing repair, then boiler replacement in Leicester could be the most sensible move. 

Remember, boiler problems only get worse with age, especially if they haven’t been regularly serviced properly, so always weigh up your options. 

Is it the right time? 

It’s recommended that you look to replace your boiler every ten to 15 years. There are a few things to take into consideration with regard to whether it is the right time to replace your boiler, too. 

For example, ask yourself how efficient it is. It might not be going wrong, but older boilers, with low energy efficiency ratings, can cost you lots more in energy bills than the cost to replace your boiler with a newer, more energy-efficient one. And that’s not to mention the effect that they have on the environment, with regard to energy consumption.

What does a boiler swap involve? 

If you’ve decided it’s a more cost-effective solution to replace your boiler, what happens next? It’s time to consider the types of boiler replacement options available, such as the following: 

  • Combi Boiler 
  • System Boiler 
  • Conventional Boiler 

All the new types of these boilers installed in the UK need to be condensing boilers and each type has its benefits, depending on the type of home in which it’s being installed. So it’s always recommended that you talk to a Gas Safe registered heating and plumbing expert about your options before you get one installed. 

When you talk to our experts at Taylor Pickering, we will ask a series of questions about what you need from your boiler and come up with a recommended list of some of the best boiler models available for your home heating needs. 

Getting the right boiler installation service

When you’ve chosen the boiler that’s best for you and your family, we can take out your old boiler and replace it with the new one within the same day, in order to minimise inconvenience. 

Once the boiler is installed, we will then carry out a system flush to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently from day one. Our heating engineers also take pride in being clean and tidy, so you’ll never even know we were there. 

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