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Boiler Installation Services – Why Now Is The Best Time

When it comes to boiler installation services, the warmer months are without doubt the best time to get a new boiler installed, for a whole host of reasons. 

The biggest has to be the fact that, when it’s warm, you aren’t going to worry so much about being without heating and hot water while the boiler installation services take place. 

Additionally, boiler installation services that are carried out in the spring and summer months come with the benefits of running a lower risk of a winter breakdown later in the year, giving you time to pick out the boiler that’s right for your needs and it can start saving you money before the heftier winter heating bills kick in. 

That’s not to mention the fact that people looking for boiler installation services in the Spring and Summer are a lot more likely to get the job done sooner because boiler engineers are less busy at this time, when boilers are not depended on quite so much. 


What to expect from your boiler installation service

When you make the choice to have a new boiler installed, it will offer you the following benefits: 

  • Lower energy bills 
  • Greater energy efficiency 
  • Less chance of breakdowns
  • Better effect on the environment 
  • A home which is heated much more effectively
  • Peace of mind from a manufacturer warranty

There are also several different types of boiler to choose from which come with different benefits, depending on how that boiler will be used. These include a combi boiler, conventional boiler and system boiler. 

Boiler installation services can be costly, so it’s important to evaluate your options and get a fixed price on the total cost, to ensure there are no hidden costs along the way. It’s also worth investigating if the installer offers finance options.

Choosing the right boiler depends on factors such as space and requirements – with regard to when and how often you need hot water and how much you use. When looking for boiler installation services, always ensure that the person carrying out the work is Gas Safe registered – this is not only a legal requirement, but will guarantee the safety of the boiler installation too.

A qualified Gas Safe registered engineer should be able to offer you advice on the best boiler to choose to keep your family comfortable and warm for up to 15 years. Remember, when you get your boiler serviced annually this will help to prolong the lifetime of the boiler as well.   


What happens during installation?

During the boiler installation service, your heating engineer should make the whole process of swapping the boiler over as quick and painless as possible, working efficiently and safely within guidelines and taking the time to ensure no mess is created or left behind when they leave. Remember to ensure that someone is around to be shown how to use the new boiler controls after it has been fitted. 

You should also receive a Building Regulations Certificate and Benchmark Certification to prove compliance with Building Regulations and Gas Safe rules. At Taylor Pickering we work hard to ensure our customers benefit from all of these high standards of service.


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